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BeNaughty.com Statistics

Site URL: http://www.benaughty.com
Website located: United Kingdom
Alexa Rank: 2,094

Market: Adult / Casual dating
Countries Served: USA, UK, IE, CAN, ZA, NZ, AU, FRA, ITA, SPA
Price: Basic membership free, Premium membership free for women
Premium costs: 3 days: €1.49/day, 1 month: €24.99, 3 months: €22.99/m, 6 months: €16.99/m
Extra 180 day membership free if you are unable to find a partner in 6 months

Facebook App: Yes
Android App: Yes
Mobile Version: Yes

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BeNaughty.com Overview

BeNaughty.com is based in the UK and was established in 2005 and now serves 10 countries including the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia. The site is purely for fun seeking adults looking for no strings meets and is firmly into the adult end of the dating spectrum.

Initial membership is free and it’s really easy to sign up – especially since they introduced their facebook app.As soon as you join, chances are high that you will be picked up by several Be Naughty addicts in minutes. There are thousands of people who’s sole aim in life is waiting for new members, looking for “fresh blood”. Their plan is to increase their chances with someone who just joined and it seems to work!

BeNaughty.com is a fairly complex site and you will find a dozen features that you don’t need – plus another dozen that will make your stay on Be Naughty very interesting.

There is a very useful feature on this casual dating site called “The Switch”. You can flip the switch and let everyone know you are up for some naughty fun. Is sort of like going into a bar filled with horny people and shouting out that you are horny.

You’ll have potential chat partners in seconds sometimes, so choose the best one and go for it. It’s a very powerful and totally unique feature, you won’t find this elsewhere – or at least not one that actually works.

This is what Be Naughty is all about – flirting and hooking up. If that’s your cup of tea, BeNaughty.com delivers

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  1. i was a member i speack as i find i had a good time on benaughty, with six differeent women no complaints, its one of the sites ive been on with best resultes Ron G

  2. It is truly sad to see all those who have been scammed by BeNaughty. Sadly, as I read the experiences of others, they mirror mine.

    However, my anger has softened and I write this reply after a cooling off period. This is important as I feel it is necessary to set out my experience with BeNaughty, in the hopes of convincing others to stay away from them and their other dating sites.

    Here is what you need to be aware of:

    (1) At BeNaughty, they ask you to cancel your membership prior to expiration of your membership or they will continue to bill you. This “negative optioning” is a tactic that no respectable business will employ. In Canada, the telecommunications giant, ROGERS, tried this and there was an enormous backlash as it was widely held that this tactic would allow the giant to take money which was never intended for them. Sound familiar with BeNaughty?

    (2) Your attempts to cancel will be fraught with difficulty. First, you must cancel online, then call in with a cancellation code which will force you to speak with one of their operators (keep in mind that none of the larger more reputable dating sites have a 2-stage cancellation procedure).

    This 2-stage process is a major pain in and of itself, but it is obviously a way for them to keep you on the hook for as long as possible for further billing. In my case, their website verified my successful cancellation several times. I was careful to cancel online many times, to ensure I would not be billed further. The first call I made to quote the cancellation code made it clear that the code was not needed. In fact, they never asked for the code. They offered extended membership and upgrades for free. But what they don’t tell you is that they will not accept your request for cancellation at that time, and you must call in again. Once again, I cancelled successfully online several times. However, on the new day of expiry of my membership, I called to ensure cancellation was successful. The operater saw my efforts to cancel, and updated my file accordingly to show my request for cancellation came prior to my membership expiry date.

    This is where the scam comes alive: I noted my credit card was billed and called them. They sent my complaint “up” and I received only emails saying they could not give refunds. Even in the face of my case showing their online website erred several times by verifying my request, and, their operator updating my file with my request to cancel, they would still not refund.

    To be clear, I am a lawyer. I know their fine print says cancellation must be online and then verbally. This puts an onus on the member. However, in law, their “no refund” policy is not to absolve them of responsiblity when their website errs or their phone operator ignors your wishes. Despite me asking for a specific response to what they will do given their website and phone operator shortcomings, they would only quote the “no refund” policy. See the absurdity? In other words, they will not refund your money no matter what error they make in billing you.

    (3) The site itself is a hot-bed for scammers. Your inbox fills daily with obvious scammers. Communicate with them briefly and you will soon be asked to send the scammer money for their cause. Even without communicating with them, it soon becomes apparent that a contact from the other side of the earth must be a scammer. In fact, some of the contacts will come from fictional cities.

    (4) Reporting the scammer is not worthwhile. I reported dozens and continued to see them appear subsequent to my complaint.

    (5) As your membership expiry date approaches, you will begin to see your inbox fill up. No doubt the administrator is doing this to beckon you to extend your membership.

    In summary, your money will be wasted as this site has dozens more scammers than legitimate members, and you will always be at risk for being billed further given the difficulties they will cause you when you wish to cancel.

    As a futher caveat, be aware of their other sites. Below is a list of the sites that they offerred myself membership in lieu of a refund, which I obviously did not accept. They considered it better for them to have my money and see this review online.


    If anyone needs further clarification, I am more than willing. (note that I did make a positive connection with this site, but obviously that does not mean that BeNaughty is reputable, ethical and/or scamless)

    Tip for consumers: Try using the larger, more reputable dating sites. This is not one of them. Nor are any of the other daing sites associated with BeNaughty.

  3. Not all people are honest. Found this app on my husband’s fb accouñt. Guess he thinks he is still single. Claimed he had no clue how it got there. Ha

  4. was a good site but now they just get the mony from members and do mothing about the problems the site has there is that many leaveing the site it cant last much longer best advise aviod where you can i will jioning the rest of the rats that have junped the sinking ship

    • There are plenty of free sites just goolge it. It all depends on what your looking for. I invested a small fee in a site and I was rewarded with dinners,movies and concerts(of course you know our first meeting has to be in a public place)if we cant go out in public then this person wasnt for me. Good luck

  5. As a girl i’m sure things are very different on Be naughty for you guys. I was able to join fully for free which is good and within a week I’d had probably 50 messages from guys som of who were pretty hot.

    I wrote back to about 5 of them as the other 45 were seriously losers and i reckon thats them going “fake profiles” and “scam” and all that rot.

    Anyways push comes to shove and I’m seeing these 5 guys regularly. Does that make me a slag? Do I give a flying crap?

    • Hi Mary GoRound, Read your comments and adore your Sexual Openness. That is one of the most significant aspects of the Lifestyle, Sexxual Freedom. One can discuss and have sexx anytime and no one is offended. I would submit that for you to “go around” with the 5 guys you met on the site is Exciting, CUMmendable, and down right Naughty girl. And if that makes you a Slag, then I like you….a lot. The definition of a Slut: a Verry Sexxually Self-confident woman who enjoys Sexx, and will have it anywhere, anytime and with whom she pleases and so chooses…That is my kind of woman. Ski

  6. I get that there are plenty of idiots on the site, I had one guy ask for a private chat, I agreed and suddenly Im watching a movie of him playing with himself. I did meet a couple of really nice guys.

  7. BN is not for the lazy or faint-hearted (or insolvent) Man. Yes, Its an absolute sausage fest, with alot of lonely women just on there to tease or simply boost their self confidence, but if you stick with it and have enough patience, self promotion, charm on chat then you can get alot out of it. I’m a medium good looking 30 year old bloke,I’ve seduced about 6 hot women so far in as many months and had some amazing meets for sex. Those blokes who say ‘its a con’ just don’t have Game. The actual website is slow and poorly designed but you can just about get by to serve the purpose. Its too expensive for what it is but I’m still on it.

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