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click and flirt reviews

ClickAndFlirt.com Statistics

Site URL: http://www.clickandflirt.com
Website located: UK
Alexa Rank: 22,390

Market: Traditional Dating / Matchmaking
Countries Served: UK & IE
Price: Basic membership is free
Premium membership costs: Trial Price: £4.99, 1 Month: £19.99, 3 Months: £35.97, 6 Months: £53.94

Facebook App: No
Android App: No
Mobile Version: No

ClickAndFlirt.com Overview

ClickAndFlirt.com is the slightly naughty casual dating sister site of the megasite cupid.com

It caters to people looking for some flirtatious fun and casual dating without necessarily looking for a long term relationship – although there are plenty of members who are also looking for regular dating.

What ClickandFlirt.com isn’t is an adult dating or sex contact site – although that line is becoming increasingly blurred.

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information at DatingConsumer.com we shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy where information provided here is outdated or wrong. Please check the dating service for the most recent information.

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  1. The questions they ask are rehearsed they do not even care for the answer they shoot the next question and anout 4 or 5 questions and they all of a sudden have to work or bake a pizza or o e just left me hanging didnt say nothing. The worst of the worst and the good thing i noticed their scams but they still got their miney

  2. Got a free 2 month subscription to this site because I had the 3 day subscription to naughtydate which is basically the same thing just a different name and in small print it said after the 3 days was up they were going to charge me for a month and they ended up charging me. So I called and complained about it. They said they couldn’t refund my money back, but they can give me the 2 month subscription to this site. I was like ok whatever. Still disputed it on my credit card anyways of course. This websites pretty much like naughty date. Maybe 1 out of every thousand people is real on this site. I get all these stupid messages that are obvious they’re fake people. Instead of saying “hey. hows it going?” They’re like “I’m looking for some real hot fun!” or some bull crap like that. Or they’ll be like “Hey. I’m in your area” but they don’t name the location where they’re at. Really stupid website. I’ve talked with a couple people on here. And I literally mean a couple! But still no luck meeting anyone off this site, because they were either far or ugly.

  3. The biggest problem is they don’t make it easy to unsubscribe . I’m thinking of takeing a more legal stance.

  4. Worst site ever. It took me 2 entire weeks to have the code to be able to cancel the automatic renewal.

  5. well all they have done is take my money cant get log on i do every thing they tell me nothing works all they are is a rip off.

  6. This is without a doubt the worst customer service website I have ever used. I DO NOT recommend this site to anyone. They tell you its a free 3 day trial period but when you stop the trail period, they still charge your card. RUN AWAY FROM THIS SITE FAST. Should be called Click and Get Ripped Off

  7. scam scam scam the same girls from everyite associated with eachother someone is makin alot of money they say that all these hot girls are from around my area or surrounding towns and there is no way that can be,sloan NV doesnt have any hot women especially thus many dont waste your time or money all the sites w the same website format are all scams!!!!!

  8. Iwas really nervous about doing the internet thing…still am especially when living in Perth I never joined(paid)especially with such a delightful array of potentials in my age group.
    I moved over 700kms south to a much smaller town population 11,000 and was amazed at young scantily dressed girls under 30(me 52) trying to contact me,they were unbelievable…..and I got to know a coupla local lads who did not recognize not one of the 30 – 40 gorgeous extroverted available young models and there is no large populated town within 300kms,and now I am being approached by ladies that have now changed there address from Perth to where I am living…..unbelievable….they are not the only ones as I recognize the same style by Flirt and Cheeky Lovers !!

    P.S I moved to Esperance W.A

  9. I read some bad reviews about click and flirt AFTER Id joined but I’ve had no problems with the clicking, the flirting and the what comes next!Sure there are scammers but there are scammers on every site its not hard to spot them and if your too good to be true alarm goes off then its probably right!

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