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DateGinger.com Statistics

Site URL: http://www.dateginger.com
Website located: USA / UK
Alexa Rank: 2,501,290

Market: Traditional Dating / Matchmaking / Niche
Countries Served: UK & USA
Price: From free to £20

Facebook App: No
Android App: No
Mobile Version: No

DateGinger.com Overview

When we first discovered DateGinger.com (also dateginger.co.uk for UK only) we weren’t sure if it was for real, or serious. Was it supporting those with ginger hair or secretly mocking? We’re still not sure!

One thing for sure is that it’s now the number one dating site for lovers of ginger hair and of course people with ginger hair – and has since been joined by a number of copycat sites, suggesting that ginger and redhead dating is a very real niche market. Who knew?

The site is free to join as a basic member and you can browse members without even joining – we noticed that some areas of the UK and USA were sparsely populated with gingers, as you’d expect – so bear this in mind before parting with cash.

Premium membership is at the lower end of the premium dating market, price wise – but you get a lot of bang for your buck, with site and search features you’d normally pay upwards of £60 per month – and again this must be reflecting the limited membership, currently standing at 30,000 in the UK.

We love it. It’s different. It’s certainly orange.

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  1. Hello I joined Date Ginger at the start of january and have been contacted by lots of guys which is great, not many from nearby to me but thats ok as I do live a wee bit out of the way so to be expected! I’ve never joined any dating sites before so cant compare what my experiences are but I’ve certainly not had any problems with Date Ginger so far touch wood

  2. I’ve been a member of date ginger for two months now and really can’t fault them. I’m guessing I live in a ginger-rich city as there’s been no loack of local matches to me. Have been contacted by a couple of non-ginger girls which is great as thats why I joined to meet people that like us gings but have also been an 4 dates now with some lovely redheads. Doesn’t sound like much but I’ve not really been trying. I had a small billing issue which was sorted out immediately by a very helpful girl in their call centre so I’m giving them a full five stars

  3. saw date ginger mentioned in Scottish Women magazine and joined last week. So far so good…

  4. I was reading The Observer on Sunday I think about a month ago and saw Dateginger reviewed and being a self confessed carrot topped Duracel powered Jaffacake I just had to join!!!

    I’m fairly sure the site is pro-Ginger although I see it could be read as sarcastic but one things for certain if you’re a relatively hot (she said modestly) flame haired maiden then you’re going to receive A LOT of attention on Dateginger and it’s not just ginger guys (who if I’m being honest with a touch of hypocricy are not my cup of tea).

    This must be the power of a niche site like dateginger – if you’re in that niche and lets face it you either love ginger hair or you don’t, and you want a redheaded partner why would you join a normal site and wade through thousands of profiles?

    Dateginger. Everyone in the searches is ginger. Enough said.

    Hope they bring out t-shirts and have written to that effect.

  5. a mate gave me the link for date ginger and I’m glad she did. Some of the made up facts…

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