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DatingDirect.com Statistics

Site URL: http://www.datingdirect.com
Website located: France
Alexa Rank: 33,783

Market: Traditional Dating
Countries Served: UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Mexico
Price: Basic membership: free, Premium membership varies by country and package (from £12/m)

Facebook App: No
Android App: No
Mobile Version: No

DatingDirect.com Overview

DatingDirect.com is one of very largest UK on-line dating sites, with successful additional sites covering much of Europe and further afield. With in excess of 60,000 people online at any given time, your chances of meeting a partner are fairly good – simply from a numbers point of view – and members database is shared with Match.com, further increasing your chances of finding a compatible mate.

Dating Direct is currently offering free registration and premium membership can cost just over £10 per month.

DatingDirect.com unusually offers members and prospective members a telephone support and customer services line and even gives the ability to cancel a subscription online (although we hear that this can on occasion be unreliable – it pays to e-mail or telephone to confirm).

For consumers unwilling or unhappy to enter into a recurring billing agreement – DatingDirect.com accepts payment by cheque, which gives an extra layer of control in the event of cancellation.

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  1. Beware that your details are also displayed on another dating site called Match.com without you knowing. Just found this out yesterday that my details, even though my profile is now about 5 years old and I’m not even a subscriber anymore, were also displayed on Match.com.

    To be honest I was quite upset to find out my details were on a site that I didn’t know about. How did I find out….someone I’m seeing romantically saw my details on there and it looked like I’d been actively using the account now as you can imagine that almost caused a big argument!

    come to think of it though – what was she doing on there??!!?!

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