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Product Description

Professional Match Review:  Company Overview

Founded 2014 in Boston, MA, Professionalmatch.com shares user profiles with professional matchmakers as a service – these matchmakers then go on to provide human-powered matches.

Much as with other online dating companies, there’s a central database of members, but unlike other dating companies it’s not the members who carry out searches, but instead professional matchmakers across the US access and search the database, finding singles for their own clients.

In many respects this offers the best of both worlds – for individuals signing up to the program, they know their profiles will be accessible to hundreds of professional matchmakers who in turn will provide matches with their own select group of clients.

For the matchmakers themselves, they have access to a much greater choice than they would in their own book – meaning matches are never forced to fit whoever may be available at the time.

It doesn’t take much to realize how much better a solution this is for finding long-term matches than right-swiping a selfie.

Professional Match Basics

Website URL: http://professionalmatch.com/
Based: Boston, MA
Basic Membership: FREE
Full Membership: ££
Regions Covered: USA

Professional Match Support

Tel: YES
Email: YES
Dating Advice: YES

From The Website

Hundreds of thousands of relationships have started thanks to us and we have one simple mission: to help people find love.

We’re proud that our brands are the country’s best-known and the most trusted in love, dating and relationships.


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