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We are constantly adding new online dating companies to the dating consumer site.

The online dating market is still expanding rapidly. For every industry giant from eHarmony to Tinder, there are thousands of small independently run sites catering to every niche, whim or desire imaginable.

If you can think it, there’s a dating website catering to it.

So while we cover the big hitters, chances are that there are a few sites we’ve missed.

But we’re getting there.

Similarly, as sites are born, online dating companies close their doors, which again we aim to keep up with. When a site closes we leave the listing up for a time, but mark the review appropriately.

Want to see a site added? Have we missed one that’s gone? Contact us and we’ll make the change.

Why the need for dating site reviews?

When DatingConsumer launched in 2008, online dating was still in it’s comparatively early days.

Although finding love online hadn’t yet become the acceptable norm it is now, the market was growing very rapidly as businesses woke up to the potential for making money in a sector with huge growth potential.

The DatingConsumer site was set up by an experienced team, each with several years within the dating industry providing tech, marketing and customer support at a number of dating websites. It was in these roles that we saw first hand, some of the shady practices that were rife in online dating back in those early days. Practices that were in many cases verging on the illegal.

Unhappy at seeing paying customers duped into paying for unsuitable services, or falling victim to company employees running hundreds of fake profiles designed especially to entice members to upgrade to paid services, DatingConsumer seemed like an essential service.

We left our positions at the dating companies – and the rest as they say is history: the online dating review site was born.

Of course that was then and this is now.

We’re pleased that the majority of these practices have now been stamped out from US and European websites (there are still exceptions) thanks to tougher rules and regulations. Once common scams have become history as sites take a more responsible stance on member vetting and fraud prevention.

But the online dating industry is still a jungle that’s ready to trap the unwary.

Choice alone, can seem overwhelming with new dating sites appearing every day – and then there are vast differences in the quantity of members and the quality of customer service from site to site and country to country.

Once thriving communities can become wastelands and what looked like a crowded site as you were paying to sign up can have little in the way of suitable matches. Or at least not within travelling distance!

So we’re still here. And we’re here to help you.

Find your ideal dating site and find your ideal date.