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deep attraction online reviews

Deep Attraction Online Statistics

Site URL: http://www.deepattractiononline.com
Website located: USA
Alexa Rank: 720,662

Product Genre: Self Help / Dating Skills / Online Dating Skills
Product Type: Free DVD

Deep Attraction Online Overview

More accurately called The Seven Secrets To Building Deep Attraction Online, D.A.O is an exceptional (and at time of writing free) DVD guide aimed at Men looking to rapidly build attraction in an online environment – and ultimately in the real or offline world.

What are the seven secrets? The website explains:

1. What Women Are Waiting… and Waiting… and Waiting… to Finally Hear From a Capable Man

2. Yes, Women Want “Strong, Silent Types” But Not 24/7 … They Want To See That You Can “Connect” — And Convey That You Are That “Perfect Combination” They Are Seeking

3. Why Women Have Every Right To Distrust You Online — and How To Turn Her Caution Into Confidence By Setting The Moral Bar With Her From the Start

4. How To Show Her You’re Different From All The Other Guys She Is No Doubt Sick Of Encountering, and How You Can Talk Honestly About Your High Purpose, Your Ambition and Your Genuine Service To Others and the World In Ways You May Not Even Realize You Are Serving Now!

5. Why Humor is Essential — To Convey Authentic Humility, “Evolutionary Trustability” and Genuine Strength — and How Not to Slip into The Dual Turn-Offs of Self-Deprecation and Clownishness

6. How To Convey The Subtle Promise of Enticing Sensuality Without the All-Too Common Error of Assaulting Her With Gross Sexuality

7. Mastering The Invitation — Taking That Online Spark To An Actual, Real, Warm, Face-To-Face Meeting and What To Do, Say, and Embody Once You Are There.

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So does the DVD deliver? Well firstly it wasn’t actually free – as we had to pay postage, but fair enough – postage isn’t all that cheap for a DVD to be sent across the Atlantic!

The first big surprise was getting a lot of unexpected free content in addition to the DVD – numerous related guides to online and offline dating, from basic skills to some fairly advanced “pick-up artist” methods.

The next big surprise was that for a free DVD, it actually delivered on its promises. For anyone new to online dating, or who was having little success, the Deep Attraction Online DVD should help enormously in building an online profile, a dating identity and dating confidence.

If you can resist buying any further courses from DAO, it truly is an exceptional and (almost) free package!

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  1. ITS FREE GODDAM IT. How this doesnt have 5 stars beats me

  2. While the course is great what I really found useful is the “Inner Confidence Audio Training Program” that came in the package. I’ve tried all sorts like hypnotherapy and NLP but got a lot of really good progress out of this.

    It gave me the confidence I needed to actually put some of Adam’s other teachings into effect and combining the secrets on writing profiles and making contact I was able to follow thru in the real world.

    I went from no game to “got game” as someone said and while I may not be a lady magnet I’ve had 5000% more success now than I had in the past.

  3. Adam Gilad is my goddamn hero if I could give him 10 stars I would. I got the free DVD and devoured it and then I just went kinda crazy it was like I didnt care anymore but at the same time I totally got what folks were looking for from me.

    I totally got dates and for 5 bucks postage it’s hard to knock!!

    10/10 10 stars, thumbs up all the way Adam, you rock!

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