Flirt.com online dating reviews
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Rating: 3.7/5 (81 votes cast)

Flirt.com reviews | Flirt.com reviewed

flirt.com reviews

Flirt.com Statistics

Site URL: http://www.flirt.com
Website located: United Kingdom
Alexa Rank: 8,014

Market: Traditional / Casual dating
Countries Served: USA, UK, IE, CAN, ZA, NZ, AU
Price: Basic membership is free with two types of premium membership, Gold and Platinum
Gold: 3 Days 99p/day, 1 Month £24.99, 3 Months £14.99/m, 6 Months £9.99/m 12 Months £6.99/m
Platinum: 3 Days £1.66/day, 1 Month £29.99, 3 Months £16.99/m, 6 Months £11.99/m, 12 Months £7.99/m

Facebook App: Yes
Android App: No
Mobile Version: Yes

Flirt.com Review

Flirt.com was one of the very first on-line dating websites launched in 1995 and has since then established itself firmly as one of the leaders of the more casual parts of the dating spectrum.

Joining is flirt.com actually quite a lengthy process, building your dating profile as you go (although having added facebook functionality this has recently become less of an issue) – but it is actually worth it as flirt.com is a fully featured fun site giving its members a huge array of ways to flirt, connect and have fun.

Flirt.com is not an “adult” site, but it’s members are mostly young and not looking for a relationship.

Flirt.com is one of the more web2.0 sites out there with full interactivity, profile rating, photo rating and commenting, giving virtual winks, gifts and more.

Members of Flirt.com can easily build their own massive photo profile, with an extensive amount of information and unlimited member photographs. These photo galleries are linked to the member’s profile, with members deciding whether their images are private (only visible to those invited) or they are added to the flirt.com‘s enormous image galleries. These galleries are a great way to check out the hottest members on the site, as well as simply have some fun looking at images of the sexiest members, commenting and rating as you go.

It’s now possible to upload a “naughty CV” indicating what you’re into – and this has had a huge uptake, suggesting Flirt.com is moving more towards the adult side of the market.

Surprisingly for a casual dating site, there is an auto-suggest feature that, as it sounds suggests members that it thinks you’d get on well with.

Read consumer reviews of Flirt.com below:

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Rating: 3.7/5 (81 votes cast)
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Flirt.com online dating reviews, 3.7 out of 5 based on 81 ratings
  1. the site my be all right….i had a flirt with some guy and we e-mail each other for about three days and then we gave each other cell phone #
    and we talk for about three months and we finally meet and it was nice…but we got so involed as you can say we did the do twice and now he doesn\’t what to be bother …. so i think he is using this site just to get in to woman pants and move on …to say he had all things woman… so i think things people should screen these people and be sure that these people say what they really after ..if it is for a good time or for relationship…this man said he was looking for a relationship but i see he wasn\’t …..thats my first and last time for this site….the mans are using the women ….we are not all whores….this is a life lesson…..this is ahurting feeling

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  2. Been a member about 3 years. If you are an attractive male and have a new picture, you will get about 100 flirts a month. It was too overwhelming for me.
    That said, its definitely worth 9.95 a month if you are a guy. And guys, dont lie. Half the girls on here will give you the world, even if your life is f’ed up. They just want some honesty from us fellas. I’m honest 100% all the time, and that gets me way further than any other strategy on this site.

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