Friends Reunited online dating reviews
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friends reunited dating reviews


FriendsReunitedDating.co.uk Statistics

Site URL: www.friendsreuniteddating.co.uk
Website located: UK
Alexa Rank: 250,988

Market: Traditional Dating
Countries Served: UK
Price: Basic membership is free, premium depends on duration or offer

Facebook App: No (can sign up for free using facebook)
Android App: No
Mobile Version: no

FriendsReunitedDating.co.uk Overview

As it’s name suggests FriendsReunitedDating.co.uk is the dating and matchmaking sister site of Friends Reunited – the famous service for putting old school, college and work chums back in touch.

Friends Reunited Dating is already one of UK’s top online dating and matchmaking services and currently ranks top 10 for market share in the UK (Hitwise, June 2011), with thousands of new members joining from all walks of life and from all over the country – daily.

Friends Reunited launched its own dating site back in September 2003, in response to the requests from many of its members. During this development process, and since, the feedback from members has allowed Friends Reunited to create a site for members to meet new friends in a trusted, comfortable and friendly environment.

It’s estimated that nearly 50% of the adult internet population are members of Friends Reunited, and they are clearly on target to bring this widespread success to a member-focused online dating environment.

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Rating: 3.0/5 (81 votes cast)
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Friends Reunited online dating reviews, 3.0 out of 5 based on 81 ratings
  1. I stumbled across the FUD site a few months ago and have found my experience on it almost entirely positive. The people I have met have all been genuine and whilst not universally to my taste I’ve certainly had many interesting conversations and even a couple of dates

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  2. I joined FRD in August 2004, having been single for about 2 years.
    I’d been a member of other sites but had had very little response to my ‘ad’, most were about 50, I had said on my profile was looking to meet a man between 22-26, and had blantantly not read anything on my profile and wanted to meet up straight away, often giving me their mobile phone numbers as well.

    I’d actually decided to take a break from online dating when quite conincidently, I was updating my Friends Reunited profile and noticed their ‘dating’ tab at the top of the page. I wasn’t aware they were doing dating services so I was quite intrigued. I did a quick search on there and decided to join up as free member first of all and see how that went. I filled in my profile, with this I was asked to details what age man/woman I was looking for, whether I was looking for friendship or romance and answered a few questions about favourite films, favourite things to do on a Saturday night, along with a short self penned paragraph about me and what I was looking for. Nervously, I uploaded a photo as the site suggests that you do so to stand a higher chance of meeting someone.
    This process take about 15 minutes and you have to wait anything up to 24 hours for your notes and picture to be approved by the site moderators, but you can continue you to search and use the site in this time. As a free member you can send a wink, e-card or a ‘quick hello’ to other users but you can’t send them a message, for that you have to subscribe.

    Subscription rates are on a monthly or 3 monthly basis and are reasonable compared to some others, I haven’t frequented the site of late so I couldn’t tell you what they are now. FRD advise you sign up for a minimum of 3 months as it claims you have a better chance of finding love that way, I’m not sure about that claim, however.
    So what else is on offer on the site? Well there is a search by photo’s facility, instant chat messengers, speed dating via telephone and a daters diary & hints and tips section. The only trouble for me was the site is so orange, everything is different hues of orange.

    Ok, back to the dating aspect, if a member likes your profile & happens to send you an e-mail, you get an e-mail telling you have have mail, at this point you have to subscribe, or at least you did when I used it. I signed up for month upon receiving a message, I’d had a message from a chap and I looked up his profile and he seemed very nice, certainly was quite handsome and seemed to be very similiar in interests to me, so I paid £9.95 for a one month membership. This subscription also allows you to see who has looked at your profile, rather than the free version which allows you to see the last 2 viewers of your profile.
    When you access your messages, there is the usual reply, delete, block options etc etc, nothing unique or different here. You can either reply with a message or one of their free e-cards.

    There are a lot of nice people on this site, it is known for being a friendly dating site and claims to have the most genuine members on the net, I can’t vouch for this however, I am sure like other sites, they have their fair share of people on there who are married or have dubious intentions, as a mmber I had e-mails from both males and females many looking for friendship as much as they are looking for romance, which is quite nice, have made a few good friends here that way.
    Personally, though, I met my fiancee through this site, he had paid up for 3 months, e-mailed me on the first day and the rest is history. I know it isn’t like that for many people and you probably will get a fair share of th made, bad and the plain strange on any site, I don’t think it is unique I’ve met my future hubby here, I am sure it would happen elsewhere, had we been members elsewhere.

    It does offer safety advice too, like other sites, telling you not give personal info out, not to meet people is isolated places, you get the idea.
    On a weekly basis, it will send you dating matches, of people who fit the bill of what you are looking for, these generally come on a Saturday, I am sure to encourage you to spend your weekend looking for potential partners!

    Any bad points? Well, apart from the subscriptions, like any other site, not any I can say, it’s easy to use, easy to navigate. Maybe the one thing I could say is the approval time on note, mine took nearly 2 days even though it says it should take 24 hours. Also, don’t tell them you’ve met someone through the site, I cheekily asked if I could have my subs back as I’d met someone the same day as I paid and I got a call from their press dept and we ended being offered for paid articles for magazine, all good but we never ever got paid by the agencies for any of the 3 articles we did and FRD weren’t able to help to put us in contact with the people who wrote and published our stories, I think to date we are owed about £750 that we were promised and never materialised. So beware on that score. Another beware is some members pretending ti be genuine users and then they tell you they’re a journo and they’re doing an article blah blah, really frustrating.
    In April, we join a number of other couple who have married through this site, who FRD are really proud of & I think, in the future they will be having a ‘Success Stories’ page, something it is currently lacking, at the moment there isn’t one and it might serve to motivate you if you’re becoming downhearted.

    It’s by no means a unique site, it probably has less members but it does the job and there are some nice people on there, just exercise caution as you would as on any other site, enjoy ‘meeting’ people and making new friends. Good Luck All.

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