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Singles365.com Statistics

Site URL: http://www.singles365.com
Website located: UK
Alexa Rank: 196,357

Market: Traditional Dating / Niche
Countries Served: UK, Ireland, South Africa
Price: Basic membership: free, 1 month: £24.95, 3 months: £49.95, 6 months: £79.95

Facebook App: No (can login using Facebook)
Android App: No
Mobile Version: No

Singles365.com Overview

Singles365.com is a UK-based online dating company that came online in 2003. As part of a white label dating company (Global Personals) it’s members benefit from an extensive pool of members recruited from many other UK dating sites in addition to Singles 365.

Similarly Singles365.com members will show up on a selected number of additional partnership websites, so increasing members exposure to potential dates.

For all Facebook users, registration is very quick as Singles 365 can take details from your Facebook profile automatically, getting you started and logged in with a minimum of fuss. There is of course the option to create an account in the traditional way if you’re not a member of Facebook – this is still a quick process unless you like to get stuck in with a detailed profile.

Singles365.com is a fully featured dating site with all the standard goodies and stands out for its excellent member communication – even for free basic members – including direct messaging and virtual ‘winks’ between members. It’s also possible to send “icebreaker messages” as a non-paying member, but (and it’s a big but) you’ll have to pay if you want to read all the responses.

Basic (free) members are able to:
* Post profile and photos for other members to view.
* Browse other members’ listing photos and partial profiles.
* Check your daily horoscope on-site.
* Create and add to a favorites file.
* Ignore list for those who you’d rather avoid.

In addition premium members are able to:

* Make use of the secure inhouse e-mail system
* Add multiple photos to your profile page
* Use the excellent instant messaging system
* Access the chat rooms
* Access private 1-on-1 chats
* Keep a dating diary or dating blog (visible by all)
* View other members additional photos
* Receive mobile phone (SMS) alerts
* Use the advanced search function
* Create and generate a Personality Profile

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1 Comment
  1. Singles365.com review

    I joined singles365 because to be honest I couldn’t find any bad reviews of it unlike lots of other sites. It was also a nice refreshing design of site and all christmassy so someone had gone to a lot of bother to make the page seasonal – another good sign when there are sites that still say “copyright 2006” or whatever.

    I liked my time with them and got lots of response to my profile – it was only after a while that some of the responses seemed weird in that they were mentioning sites I’d not heard of. I realised that my singles365.com profile was being displayed on lots of sites and a little digging I found that it was a company called Global Personals and that they basically own thousands of sites in the UK and round the world. I mentioned it to the helpful girl on their phone helpline and she said yes this is quite clear in the singles365 terms and conditions.

    After the event I read them properly and sure enough I was agreeing that my details would be on partner sites.

    Not that it bothered me really but bear in mind that when you join singles365 (and the site really is pretty good) you will also be appearing on many many MANY other sites, some of whom may not be as nice as 365!

    Would I join them again? Yes. Or you could be cunning and find another site with the same members thats cheaper!

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