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The Real Women Real Love Guide to Fearless Dating – Statistics

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The Real Women Real Love Guide to Fearless Dating – Overview

The Real Woman Real Love Guide to Fearless Dating is the latest e-course from Amy Waterman, the highly respected author of How to Be Irresistible to Men, Connect and Commit and Save My Marriage Today

The somewhat lengthy title very accurately describes the book – a self help program aimed principally at the more experienced woman who’s been through enough to be carrying a certain amount of emotional baggage (although it would also be very useful to anyone).

Through the program, you will learn to:

Give off the kind of good energy men crave.
Understand what goes through a man’s mind.
Regain your sense of personal power around men.
Feel in control, desirable, confident, and the star of your own romantic destiny
Weed out the flakes, jerks, and playboys.
Master the art of first impressions.
Try the ultimate “beauty cream.”
Say goodbye to nerves or anxiety in social situations.
Feel great about yourself,
Get excited about your love life!
De-code the secret signals that tell you, whether or not you should pursue a relationship.
What every man wishes you’d understand about him.
Know when to trust your feelings and when to be wary.
Deal with rejection or break-ups without getting hurt.
Discover the truth about bed buddies, bad boys, and playing hard to get.
Tackle the emotional baggage that you’ve accumulated over the years
Find new energy to motivate you in your search for love.
Never worry about what’s going to happen to you ever again.

The program is well written, punchy and to the point – getting to the meat of the facts without lengthy commentary – something unusual now in the world of e-publishing.

At the time of writing Amy is packaging a selection of free e-books with the course adding incredible value to the already well priced program. The free books are: The Secret to A Happy Relationship, Q&A with Amy Waterman, The Magic of Affirmations, and Dating Techniques eBook.

It would be even better if there was an option to receive the course printed – allowing for reading during a long soak in the bath, but you can’t have everything!

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  1. Amy has helped me no end and thats coming from someone who was close to calling it a day. Her course showed me that my pain wasn’t my fault and I let go of all the anger that had been keeping me back. Heck I even smile nowadays!

  2. Amy’s course is like therapy and when I say that I mean the kind of therapy that does something that works! I don’t know why I bought it even having never bought an e-book or e-anything in my life before but somehow for some reason I happened to find an ad on some site and it appealed to me at that exact moment.

    I’m really glad I did and all I can say to anyone who’s in two minds is BUY IT

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