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The Tao of Badass Statistics

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We’ve had more requests for an in-depth review of Tao of Badass than any other dating product.

Now 8 years after it’s launch – Tao of Badass is still going strong and it’s clear to see that Joshua Pellicer’s top-selling system has achieved something few other courses in the niche have managed – consistent success.


What is The Tao of Badass?

In short Tao of Badass is a complete dating system, using a set of unique shortcuts, powerful techniques and proven psychological triggers to achieve an end result: in the majority of users’ cases this end result being a successful hook up.

But that’s the headline.

In reality the Tao of Badass program is quite a lot more than the “step by step system for picking up hot chicks” it’s sold as.

The course claims to be be able to take any man, no matter what level of experience, turning him into a master in the arts of seduction, able to attract, build a connection and level of trust with, before physically turning-on any women.

Too good to be true?

Who is Joshua Pellicer?

Author Joshua Pellicer is an accomplished dating and relationship coach, regularly appearing on TV and mainstream media.

As his humorous video shows however he was not always the expert he is now – having instead built up his own unique method of “hacking” dating through years of trial, error and a whole heap of rejection.

What he now teaches in one-to-one coaching and through his acclaimed “Badass” series is the culmination of years of practical research and experience

In this detailed Tao of Badass review, Natasha Copeland lifts the lid on what Tao of Badass is really about – whether it works – what’s good, what’s bad… and what’s terrible.



As a self-proclaimed enlightened female, I like to think I can spot a cheesy pickup line or lame script from 1000 paces and not being one for being reduced to a stereotype I have to admit that when I was asked to review The Tao of Badass I was almost willing it to be terrible.

There’s the name for a start. Tao of Badass? Seriously?

I’d seen the adverts, the big-breasted models, the one-simple-phrase-that-will-get-you-laid claims and I wasn’t impressed. Who the hell was this idiot Joshua Pellicer? Why was he still spouting this 1970’s sexist crap?

So when I received my review copy and login I was already in a dark place – even grumpier than my usual Monday morning.

There it was: The Tao of Badass – Everything You Need to Know to Be a Badass With Women. Badass? I’ll show them a badass!


So It Begins – First Surprise

tao-of-badass-members-areaSit down and log-in. Well, first impressions were actually better than I’d been expecting.

Despite my preconceived notions as to what the Tao would be like I have to say the members-only area was good quality, well laid out and professionally designed.

OK it was probably still full of sexist nonsense, but I had to say it was at least attractive sexist nonsense!

The Tao of Badass book comes in at 150 pages – which is surprisingly long for a $97 e-book and video course – and can be downloaded as a PDF in the members area. It should be said at this point that the members area also includes a sizeable number of videos and audio files that complement the book along with a load of bonus files and PDFs.

For those not wishing to read the book, it’s available as an audio file and my first decision was to listen to it while working on a magazine article and so kill two birds with one stone.

That was a mistake.

Within 5 minutes my work was forgotten and I was listening with fascination to this Joshua dude.

To my surprise he was making good sense. I’d majored in psychology and everything he was saying was based on proper scientific fact. I found myself nodding along to what he was saying – he knows his stuff and I had to admit my first assumptions about Mr Pellicer were looking to be wrong.

With my work now abandoned I sat down, turned up my speakers and gave The Tao of Badass my full attention…


The Tao of Badass Book

The Tao of Badass book is divided into three principal sections:

The-Tao-of-Badass-PDF-Review1: Become an Attractive Man
2: The Step-by-Step System for Picking Up Girls
3: Reading Body Language and Knowing When a Girl Likes You

These three sections sum up the whole “Badass” process – a process which surprisingly (at least to my pre-conceived idea) begins with self-improvement.

Along the way, Tao of Badass covers core topics such as:

  • How to develop a mindset for approaching women
  • How to become the man women long for
  • How to avoid the worst mistakes that men make while talking with women
  • How to display desirable body language
  • How to make women approach and chase after you
  • Understanding what women think about you
  • When to cut loose and leave, and many other more master dating tips



The Tao of Badass Book: A Section By Section Review

In Part One: Become an Attractive Man

caveman-primitive-manIn Part One: Become an Attractive Man, Joshua looks at the science that makes men and women tick.

At it’s heart the section is about our pre-programmed gender roles and how it’s essential for success that a man embraces that deep-seated underlying, usually hidden man-ness. The inner caveman if you will.

Without this man-ness men run the risk, no scrub that, men are almost guaranteed to be pigeon-holed as nice guys, stuck in the friend-zone and case closed.

For guys who read magazines, watch films and venture outside wearing moisturiser I feel for you. It turns out that while you’re all being metro-sexual, good listeners, and everything you’re being told a woman wants, you’re signing your own get-some death warrant.

Nice guys – it turns out – are losers.

And you know what? When I think of the nice guys in the office, would I date them? No. Sure I’d go to the cinema or hang out with them, but date? Nope. Sorry Dave.

Next up, Joshua covers self-confidence and here I agree with him 100%. All women love a confident guy. Personally I’d take a 5 or 6 brimming with confidence over a 8,9 or 10 who’s a stuttering red-faced fool and I’m not alone.

Joshua reveals his own techniques to boost self-confidence and self belief and although I’m not going to spoil it for you, I can say with conviction they WILL work and DO work. (I ran through some of them before an awards ceremony I’d been dreading – and rocked it!)

So at the end of the first section I (as a woman) knew that #1 yes I actually prefer a manly man and #2 Joshua knows all about confidence coaching.

Part Two: The Step-by-Step System for Picking Up Girls

This section is the meat of the course and no doubt why the majority of customers purchase the Tao of Badass. They want to get laid. It’s a man thing.

I learn that the first and most important step in picking up girls is The Approach. This makes sense as after all I could be catch of the century, but if a guy doesn’t come up to me or make himself known to me it’s unlikely he’ll get anywhere.

seduction-handbagAs with any sell, if you don’t know the shop exists, you’re not going to buy a handbag – and the same goes for men.

Only the approach is terrifying.

It turns out men suffer terrible approach anxiety, as after all we women are known to bite, kill and otherwise socially maim men for the lolz.

Because of this crippling fear held my most men, Joshua gives The Approach a whole chapter – and again – I have to say he makes perfect sense and not one (OK maybe one) of his methods are even remotely jerky or dickish.

He shares psychological “hacks” to counteract any hard-wired fears a man may hold over approaching women, fear of rejection and terror of what could go wrong – and provides properly fascinating methods to permanently change damaging thought processes and deep-held beliefs.

He covers body language, openers and rejection-proofing, the three pillars of a good approach.

And it’s not just for dating – this is powerful stuff that can help in careers, in day-to-day life and all social situations.

Again, I’m with Joshua on all of this – and while he could have used his knowledge and written a university module on behavioural psychology, he’s gone and written a book to help his fellow man bed a lady instead. And that’s his call.

With my womens-lib hat on I’m disgusted appalled and horrified, but being more reasonable – the more I venture into the Tao of Badass course the more I’m coming round to the guy.

He’s not creating monsters, he’s giving ordinary men extraordinary confidence, which is 95% of the battle.


Part Two Continued: The Map Of Interaction

After The Approach, you’re ready for what The Tao of Badass calls The Map Of Interaction.

No this is not some distant Game of Thrones land, but a step-by-step method Joshua guarantees will get past any woman’s built-in anti-loser and anti-jerk safeguards.

I gulp hard. Not so happy now. Is he about to give away the keys to my kingdom?

the tao of badass - map of interactionThe map of interaction consists of:

  • Attraction
  • Rapport
  • Seduction
  • Relationship Balance

Success is down to knowing which part of the map you’re on, which phase of the journey you’re at, and proceeding accordingly.

While I’m initially annoyed about being reduced to a stereotype (again), the truth is much of what we think of as our unique self, and much of what we believe to be free will or considered choice is actually hard-wired in that primitive cave-girl brain beating at the heart of every warm-blooded lady on the planet.

Follow the map – get to your destination. Simples.

First Stop: Attraction

magnetic-attractionAs a student I worked a summer in direct sales and I can see strong parallels between the attraction section of Tao of Badass and the ninja-methods taught to us sales trainees.

At the time I couldn’t believe that the public at large were being manipulated to such an extent during a sales call. And yet they were – and it worked like magic.

Joshua teaches the same “magic” – the exact same techniques that this direct selling company had spend literally millions of dollars developing.

He looks at banter. Innocent banter, that fun humorous small talk that’s actually an in. The banter that turns keys and unlocks doors once firmly closed.

Here Tao of Badass isn’t teaching a lame script, but more giving examples and a recipe to create your own winning line in banter.

He looks at value demonstration – again from selling – and how to modestly sell yourself without bragging. Creating interest and building on the strong foundations that winning banter set, value demonstration is another winning move essential to closing any sale.

Joshua finishes the attraction section with qualifying questions. Once again an incredibly powerful but innocent seeming trick lifted from direct selling and hacked to fit the dating model. Hacked to build attraction to, well, to frankly unexpected levels…

I have to admit that even with my experience in sales and knowledge of psychology I’d have trouble deflecting these kind of advances as they are cunningly designed to be undeflectable without making the deflector feel bad.

Sure I could tell the person to take a hike, but why would I if he were funny, had demonstrated his value to me and I agreed to a bunch of small things, that if I was to suddenly back off, I’d be going against what I’d already said, not to mention being downright rude.

Clever Mr Pellicer. Very clever.

Stop Two: Rapport.

rapport-tao-of-badassLike banter wasn’t rapport enough, Joshua enters the world of the open-ended question, designed to elicit detailed responses and bring the conversation to deeper level – a level touching the emotions and building other internal attraction signals essential to the coming “close”.

Tao of Badass looks at high-end rapport-building techniques that again hack into the brain’s built in function.

In much the same way cults get followers, but without the cloaks and koolaid, Joshua lays out plain and simple methods to get stuck in a persons mind so that you’ll be remembered for a long time – and in the good way – not the jeez-I-just-met-a-huge-idiot-wait-till-I-tell-my-friends-tomorrow way.

Again, apologies to Dave, but I tested this out on you in the lobby. And it worked 🙂

Stop Three: Seduction

seduction-tao-of-badassNo doubt this is the section everyone turns to first. The part where you turn a casual chat into a wooing. Where swoons happen, hot flushes rise and hearts start to pump blood to the good bits.

Needless to say, the seduction element is covered in detail as without the seduction, there is no happy ending.

So easy to get terribly terribly wrong, to move too fast (if you’ve not been reading the map as you’ve been going along this is going to happen) Joshua goes to great lengths to ensure that when you make “The Move” it’s going to result in reciprocal pleasure and not a slap.

In “The 10 biggest and common mistakes that you should avoid that make women turn cold on you.” Joshua reveals there’s an out for us women – The Red Zone. Not the time of the month, but an area that if a seduction slips into, we’ll be snapped out of the seductors enthral within seconds. He’s finished. A gonner.

Sadly for my fellow womankind Joshua has a fix for the Red Zone too and despite my liking him earlier I’m now a bit “shouty” at him.

He jumps over our red zone, side-stepping it without so much as a by your leave and in fact uses it to strengthen the seduction, to escalate the sexual intensity.

These are our secrets man. Not Cool.

Stop 4 – Final Station: Relationship Balance.

relationship-building-taoWhat wait? Relationship balance? You mean to say this course isn’t just about getting a lady into bed – it’s all about building a long term relationship after the event?

Feeling like Bobby Ewing after a shower, I re-read. Have I been played? Is this all part of Joshua’s seduction of me as a reader? This is a relationship course?

Turns out that as I was beginning to suspect before I got all shouty, Joshua is actually a truly good guy offering a full-service course for those who realise a night of rumpus pumpus and dumpus isn’t the be-all and end-all.

I’m sure some guys will treat this section as optional, but for me this is bringing Joshua and his Tao of Badass back into my loving arms.

You want an actual girlfriend, partner, fiancee, wife, whatever – this IS gold dust.

Yes, so you may have tricked me with your banter and ninja-assed cult-building psychological assault, but now we’re going to live happily ever after. So it’s OK.

Just never tell me you bought this book.

Seriously though, in Relationship Balance, Joshua examines the four essential factors required to build a strong, successful and lasting relationship. Men are not all asses, sleaze-balls and jerks. Who knew?

Is it out of place in a pickup manual? Yes. Probably. Am I glad it’s here? Definitely.

Part Three: Reading Body Language and Knowing When a Girl Likes You

Woah, so all of that was just like part two?

Into part three and we’re building on part two TO THE MAX.

With a huge section on body language, we’re learning about positive and negative body language, what to look out for in a prospect and what body language means you’re possibly heading down the wrong road.

You will learn all about attraction cues – and can spot if a woman is even remotely interested in you from across a crowded room.

Needless to say being as this course so far has been about psychological tricks and hacks, we also learn fast-track methods to have HER read YOUR body language without even knowing she is.

He looks at every possible dating and pick-up scenario and offers the correct body-stance to take to maximize your success.

It’s kind of like an extra layer of suggestion – a subliminal hypnotism – and we’re all programmed to accept it!

Put it this way, from now on in, I’m eyeing EVERY man I talk to suspiciously. Mirror me at your peril.

Of all the parts in the book this was in fact my favorite and since going over Tao of Badass, I’ve been staring at my work colleagues seeing who likes who, which has been an eye-opener.

I did it in the coffee shop this morning. I mirrored the barista guy and got an extra shot free, because I read his cues…

Coffee Abuse? Has Badass turned me into a monster?

One thing for sure, with a slight re-write Mr Pellicer could sell this course to us lot and we’d take over the world. Men get laid, we’d get PAID!

What else is there over and above the Tao of Badass book?

Video Content

tao-of-badass-videosAs I mentioned, I found myself starting to like Joshua Pellicer. I got the feeling that behind the marketing BS, this was a likeable serious guy who knows what he’s talking about.

Rather than being a jerk, he’s a nice guy – who just happens to have badass skills in attraction.

This is at it’s most evident in the video content accompanying the Tao of Badass book.

Joshua covers sections of the book in super detail with a friendly, approachable manner – I found myself really enjoying what he had to say, despite being at the opposite end to the course’s intended market.

In the following examples, you’ll see for yourself. I certainly don’t see the jerk I was expecting when I began to review Badass, I just see a guy who knows what he’s talking about.


Bonus Content:

Bonus Books

bonus-tao-of-badass-booksAlongside the book and videos The Tao of Badass gives away a lot of free bonus content – all of which are obviously related to the main book and video.

These could be considered optional and I’m guessing the reason they’re not in the main book was to keep it’s length manageable.

Some of the bonus books cover sections within Tao of Badass, but in much greater depth, for example Escaping The Friend Zone, which looks at the two big mistakes everyone makes that cause a relegation to the dreaded Friend Zone – along with an easy formula and three simple phrases to escape it.

Other bonuses Never Get Cheated On and even more so Breaking Up Like A Man assume a successful outcome from the main course – so I’m guessing when you need to read either of them you’ve already seen success with Tao’s method!

Bonus Audio Files

free-tao-badass-mp3-filesAs mentioned in my main review, all content on the course including bonus material is recorded by Joshua as a set of MP3 files – allowing you to listen to them at leisure.

He also adds very useful asides in his commentary, which help explain his reasoning or better explain trickier parts, much like the Director’s Commentary extras you get on DVDs.

In all the MP3 files I found Joshua’s voice oddly pleasing, almost hypnotic, but then I’m guessing that’s just me being seduced…

Bonus Subliminal Inner Confidence MP3s

I hated these. I’m sorry. I just can’t stand NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

If it’s your bag then I’m sure this will be an excellent bonus, allowing you to reprogram your brain as you drift off to sleep. Me? I’d rather poke sticks in my eyes.

Bonus Module – Hacking Attraction

free-hacking-attraction-moduleMy hands-down favorite of all Tao of Badass’s bonus content, this is where Joshua takes all the brain-hacks he’s looked at in the Tao of Badass and ramps everything up to 11.

Initially anti-Tao, I was won over by Joshua’s clever psychological tricks which when all put together make for a fascinating and powerful set of skills. Well with Hacking Attraction, he goes into more depth than anyone would need to simply pick up girls. With hacking attraction I feel I could take over the world, from a clifftop base, all while stroking my cat.

I love that he felt the need to add a disclaimer “I will only use this for good and be entirely ethical and not use any of these proven formulas in a dark way”.

I hear you Lord Vadar. The pull to the dark side is strong.

Tao of Badass: Previews of Material

Although all of ToB material is covered by a full 60-day any-reason refund policy, it’s always reassuring to have a taster of the style of content available before handing over your credit card details.

As part of our Tao of Badass Review we had full reviewer access to the course and replicate some of it below.

Example Training Video:

The following PDF excerpts are copyright Tao of Badass. They may be viewed or printed for individual use only and must not be copied without permission.



The Tao of Badass Attraction System Summary

It’s important to understand The Tao of Badass attraction system has nothing at all to do with being a “Badass“.

The Tao Of Badass is a comprehensive social success system focussed on practical skills – which as well as rocketing self-confidence, gives it’s users deep insights into how best to turn any social situation to their advantage no matter what their aim.

The material is for single either men looking to date or for men who are actively dating, but having less than optimal success – and helps across the whole spectrum of dating-skills, from first contact to end result.

Tao of Badass Details:

What you get:
Tao of Badass 150 page ebook
10 hrs+ video coursework
Video Expert Interviews
Body Language Mastery Course
Hacking Attraction Module
Subliminal NLP Confidence Booster
Bonus ebooks
What it costs:
$97 ($67 with coupon below)

Guarantee: 60 days

Overall Rating: 9

Alternatives? Make Women Want You


Try Tao of Badass Risk Free – with 30% Off

Dating Consumer is delighted to have negotiated a 30% discount coupon for all our readers – Buy Joshua Pellicer’s Tao of Badass course using the link below for a full 30% discount at checkout. Regular price $97 – Now $67.
**60 Days Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked**


See below for The Tao System of Badass Reviews:

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information at DatingConsumer.com we shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy where information provided here is outdated or wrong. Please check the dating product website for the most recent information.

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  1. Thank you Natasha for your very detailed review and its good to see a you not taking a knee-jerk reaction to the book as some of the commenters have. Would you think it also helpful to have a man look over the material and so give a review from a mans perspective as obviously the Tao is aimed at men. I get that you liked the course but if someone tried it on you do you think it would work? Also finally you disliked the bonus NLP files that were part of the Tao course, was this the files themselves you didnt like or NLP in general. Thank you.

    • Hi Sam, thanks for the kind words! We did initially look to have one of our male writers review the course but thought in the end it would make an interesting change if I had a go, especially as women seemed to be very against the whole idea of being gamed.

      As I mentioned in the review, I believe the Tao could be used equally by men and women with some minor adaptation, because the underlying processes tap into deep-seated human needs, whether male or female.

      Would it work on me? I hate to admit it, but yes. I mean I studied psychology and could probably see through some of it, but on the whole I’d be sucked in for sure.

      NLP? I just hate listening to ocean sounds, whale noises etc!

      NC – DatingConsumer.com

  2. I’m I the only one that finds this ridiculous. First of all rating women as 9’s or 10’s is highly offensive. I mean I know women do it too but I feel that what you put out is what you attract and I for starters do not like players or douches like this dude. Second of all women are not all the same. Its an individual thing rather than trying this lame ass excuse of a ‘ program’ to get women sleeping with you. Lastly at the end of the day what men need to do is get thier life in order meaning no bums or losers with no job or money and actually doing something with thier lives. Just be yourself if a girl doesnt give you the time of day “OH WELL! MOVE ON” Life isnt about sleeping with hundreds of random women but knowing that when you get home from a shitty day you have a beautiful wife at home who makes you happy for that small amount of time…”Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

    – Dr. Seuss
    BTW: I just found this out so i know i’m a little late.

  3. I bought the tao system of attraction after becoming a bit of a Josh “stalker” LOL. I’d say its worth it for sure and while some of it made me prety uncomfortable I put it to the test and I have to say it does the stuff it says. There’s no “tricking” or deception – its more of a confidence thing and a way to speak and its not putting women down as I have used some of the methods in the training in business deals and situations where some kind of selling is involved. It’s a convincer or someone said its like NLP. I know nothing about NLP but it does seem to get into peoples hearts and heads like I’m Alec Guiness in star wars LOL.

    I’d give it 5 but because some parts make me uncomfortable it’ll be a 4.5 but then maybe thats just me

  4. Sylvia, if that is what you think, then you have never been properly seduced. Its not about men trying to trick women… smart and intuitive women always know they are being strategically seduced but they allow it to happen because they enjoy to be seduced by a man that knows exactly how to do it.

  5. Sylvia now I believe what Tao of badass says even more. Thankfully

  6. Just to let you guys know.. women are not stupid. btw yes women are attracted to money and muscles and I would never date a guy that didn’t have hair. I like nice chest and if you don’t have one or hair on your head Im sorry but I would never sleep with you no matter if you looked at my lips or not..actually that would be kind of creepy

    • Sylvia. I agree with you. It`s honestly NOT that hard to engage in a conversation with a woman and NOT be an asshole and get her phone number. Whether or not she sleeps with you is a whole other matter.

      As much as I would like to believe a one hundred dollar system GUARANTEES you`re gonna be having sex constantly after studying it`s methods, I remain purely skeptical as to how much salt it actually holds.

    • Women may not be stupid but from your comment I can tell you’re a shallow bitch. That is all and yes I know you wrote that over a year ago.

  7. I’m a fully signed up Tao Of Badass member and firstly the kit is out of this world but also and more importantly Joshua is super helpful and it’s great just hooking up with him on Facebook. The man’s a legend!

    I originally followed Mystery and his method of being a PUA and while it was fun it just wasn’t me. Tao is hands down better and much more suitable for regular guys as opposed to 7 foot tall nail varnish wearing eccentrics!

  8. Found this review after seeing the Tao attraction system on channel four. They seemed to rate it pretty high so I have a question to you guys who’ve bought it – would you say its improved your method or your confidence or both and would you say its worth the money?

  9. I got hold of the free system expecting it to be nothing more than a big hard sell advert but I was pleasantly surprised at the value I got from it. There were parts of it that I’d never in a million years do without expecting a swift kick in the gonads but I tried out a couple of the tricks mentioned and not only did I get interest from a girl we got chatting for about a half an hour and at the end she gave me her number without me even asking! The only reason I’ve not signed up to any paid element of the tao of badass is because I’m broke but from the free part alone I think I’ve gotten more game.

  10. No regrets – while I wouldn’t say I’m a “ladies man” yet I’ve become much better in any social situation where there are pretty women (or indeed any women!! LOL) and have managed to get a bunch of numbers.

    It doesnt feel artificial or staged when I’m doing what i’ve learnet and thats probably because it teaches you deep inside. A couple of mates have borrowed the book part and were going to all go out together and see how it goes.

  11. While the course is good I got real value from the forum – sorry community! Strength in numbers, wing man and all that jazz – much better than any of the Pick Up Artist or Mack forums in my honest opinion.

  12. Found the tao of being a badass on the Mack forum and read all the guys reviews and bought it on that strength. The videos are really useful and enjoyable to watch which helps you take in all the information. Some of the stuff on it is obvious, or at least I’d assumed it was obvious but then there are some clueless folks out there!!!

    Did I “get game”?

    Well a gentleman never tells but heck I’m happy with it. The community is excellent and supportive and Josh really does answer his emails for on-on-one support, which for a famous PUA expert thats pretty tall order normally. Try getting the same support from Mystery!

    I’d wholeheartedly recommend the tao of badass to anyone, even if your a player already. PEACE!

  13. thers almost too much stuff in the course but if you take your time it all sinks in and works

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