Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box reviews | Pandora’s Box reviewed

Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box reviews

Pandora’s Box Statistics

Site URL: http://www.vindicarlo.com
Product Site URL: http://www.openherbox.com
Website located: USA
Alexa Rank: 94,120

Product Genre: Self Help / Dating Skills / Pick-Up Skills
Product Type: e-course / e-book set

Pandora’s Box Overview

Vin DiCarlo’s groundbreaking and genuinely original program has been designed to help you get deep inside the head of almost any woman you choose, to know exactly what she is thinking – and to use this to your dating advantage. Much of the now famous program is built around the science of psychological studies. Vin DiCarlo has used the results of many of these studies, along with his own somewhat less scientific research and has determined that there are 8 different types of women.

He divides women into the following categories:

1. The Playette
2. The Social Butterfly
3. The Hopeful Romantic
4. The Cinderella
5. The Private Dancer
6. The Seductress
7. The Connoisseur
8. The Modern Woman

The course gives you a detailed road map to quickly figure out a woman’s type and then then gives a simple but effective game plan for going after her.

In brief the Pandora’s Box course will show you how to:

1. Recognize the signals women are giving you. According to DiCarlo, once you know their “type” you’ll realize that different women send different signals.
2. Get her acting outside of her “normal” behavior. Because you’ll understand her so well, you’ll be able to talk her into things she would normally not do, using a combination of NLP, suggestion and some of DiCarlo’s unique methods.
3. Have a deeper understanding of her… and she’ll pick up on it. This will immediately separate you from the other guys in her life.

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  1. This philosophy is sort of a chauvinistic, macho philosophy that wants to use women for a man’s pleasure. Who wants men that are into sex with lots of women more than they are into meeting the ideal woman and establishing a relationship with her.

    • I’m assuming you’ve not read it Nancy if thats what your saying and anyway theres plenty of women who are looking for fun and not a relationship.

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