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Text the Romance Back 2.0 Statistics

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Text The Romance Back is Dating Consumer’s second most requested dating product review.

Now in 2016, with Text The Romance Back fully revamped, renewed and rebooted to 2.0, our in-house cynic Joanne Walker takes a detailed look at what is undoubtedly one of Michael Fiore’s best known dating products.


Text The Romance Back?

The Text The Romance Back 2.0 program is structured to not only give you the exact texts you need to seduce (or re-seduce) the man or woman in your life, but also teaches you core relationship and communication principals so you can finally stop fighting and start loving the hell out of each other again.

The bulk of the program is dedicated to giving you done-for-you texting formulas so you can simply “plug and play” the details of your relationship without any thinking or having to be “creative.” Text formulas range from the basic “Curiosity Text” which drags attention to you like a magnet to the amazing “Text Massage” technique where you learn to use texting to give your special someone a “virtual massage” where they swear they can feel your hands on them from miles or continents away.

Too good to be true?

Who is Michael Fiore?

Author Michael Fiore is an accomplished dating and relationship coach, regularly appearing on TV and mainstream media.

As well as Text The Romance back, he has authored the multi-million best-selling guides Text your Ex Back, Text Your Wife Into Bed and The Secret Survey.

With clients reading as a who’s-who list of celebrity – Michael Fiore has become a true authority figure in the relationship and date coaching niche.


In this detailed review, Joanne Walker lifts the lid on what Text the Romance Back is really about – whether it works – what’s good, what’s bad… and what’s terrible.



First up I have to say I’ve known Michael Fiore for some time. OK not personally as in we’re BFFs sharing beers and hanging out, but through long term experience of his various products which have now become the stuff of legend in the dating and relationship marketplace.

It’s been several years since I last looked at Text The Romance Back, the days before smart phones – back when sending texts, calling and playing “snake” were pretty much all you COULD do on a phone.

A pre-selfie, pre-facebook, pre-android, pre i-phone world (shudder).

So when I received my review copy I was really quite excited to see what’s changed in Text The Romance Back and how Michael’s moved what was already a good product onwards into the 2010’s.


Text The Romance Back Review

text the romance back reviewText The Romance Back claims to offer instant access to “amazing tips, insider techniques, and powerful texting secrets, to rapidly restore the romance and passion in your life… showing exactly how to have your loved one craving your closeness, to obsess about you, or to count down the seconds to your next meeting… and all this from a few short text messages on your phone“.

More importantly perhaps, it teaches “exactly why other methods you’ve tried to bring romance back into your relationships have failed“.

Strong promises. I mean I consider myself to be quite a good texter and do I really want my partner to obsess over me more than he already does?
…Yeah OK I’ll have some of that 🙂

The Package

Opening up the zip files I’d downloaded – my first impression was of just how much content was included in the package.

text the romance back full package contentsBy the time I’d accounted for the main book (itself weighing in at 130 pages), various modules and crib sheets, bonuses and unannounced extras it was looking like what I’d planned as a night’s reading was going to extend to a week!

At first it seemed like Michael had thrown everything and the kitchen sink at the package in a bid to create perceived value – a habit that many marketers have gotten into thinking that bigger is better, but any initial overwhelm was quickly soothed however when I realized just how well put together the content was and how logically everything fitted together.

Everything has a place and a place for everything.

As with the previous copy I’d reviewed, Text The Romance Back 2.0 is much more than simply a bunch of example texts to copy and paste – while it gives you a blueprint to produce your own perfectly sculpted texts, in truth it’s about much more than texting.

In Text The Romance Back 2.0, texting can literally apply to any medium where you’re writing short messages, from emails to Facebook, Twitter and any number of social media outlets.

You could even go old-school and leave Post It notes on the fridge, locker or desk… Short voice messages, steam on the vanity mirror…


What’s Included in Text The Romance Back 2.0?

text the romance back 2.0 core contentThe core components of the Text The Romance Back course include:

  • The Text The Romance Back Main Manual With Done-For-You Texts
    This is the meat of Michael’s course and contains a literal ton of useful information over 130 pages in PDF format
  • The Text The Romance Back Audio Version
    An MP3 recording of the main manual – incredibly useful for the time-pressed or to let the teachings sink in over a hot bath
  • I Like Myself Game Worksheet
    A real confidence booster which will have even the most dejected or insecure having something to celebrate. Testimonials suggest this alone is worth the price of the course
  • Text The Romance Back 2.0 Crib Sheet
    This is effectively a condensed version of the book, a real study aid – breaking the most essential elements into easy-to-digest bite-sized chunks
  • Text The Romance Back 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions
    This no doubt saves his help line a fortune and contains almost every conceivable question asked over the years.
  • Facebook Romance Secrets
    Facebook. Well it’s just like texting with pictures and time wasting memes, so an ideal addition to the program


The main book is spilt into a 30-day or 4 week program and promises results within that time frame for all types of relationships: men, women, single, married, divorced, recently separated, gay, straight – whoever.

After 52 pages spread over two sections designed to set you up with the process, teaching the whys and hows of texting being such a powerful medium, Michael takes each of the 4 weeks and splits everything into manageable and logical sections:

  • Week 1: Appreciation Texts and Sensual Compliments
  • Week 2: Curiosity Magnets and Bait Questions
  • Week 3: Relationship Time Machine and Text Massage
  • Week 4: Private Whispers and Digital Foreplay

This detailed four week plan is content heavy, yet easily laid out and signposted as to what each section can and will achieve:

  • Your 30 Day Text the Romance Back Plan
    An overview of the whole process.
  • Appreciation Texts
    This lays groundwork to bring any flagging romance back into your relationship, making your partner feel desired, wanted and appreciated.
  • Sensual Compliment Texts
    Sensual Compliments are designed to add sparkle to your partner’s day, drawing attention to you and getting the brain’s passion center running at full throttle.
  • Curiosity Magnets
  • Bait Questions
    Curiosity Magnets and Bait Questions are worded to make it almost impossible for anyone to ignore your text messages.
  • The Relationship Time Machine
  • The Text Massage
    Text Massages and use of The Time Machine help stimulate your partner’s senses powerfully reliving the love and attraction they felt toward you back when you were first dating.
  • Private Whispers
  • Digital Foreplay
    Whispers and foreplay get your partner thinking about you deep within their pleasure centres without having to use anything approaching “sexting”.
  • Long Distance Love
    For when you’re partner and you are separated by miles, by states and even countries
  • Text Dating and Text Flirting
    Virtual dates and virtual flirting, all thanks to the power of turbo-boosted texting

How Has Text The Romance Back 2.0 Changed?

From reading through 2.0, its immediately clear that the course has had a complete overhaul making allowances for the huge strides in technology since the first edition was released.

no-cheesy-textsNew technology apart, I wasn’t a big fan of maybe 25% of the texts given in the first edition – maybe I’m just fussy (or perhaps I’m too British!) but I thought a whole heap of the texts were cheesy as hell.

This time round it’s ALL stuff that actual real normal humans would write. Cleverly disguised psychological triggers hidden in normal texts, which I can totally see working.

Michael has really upped the game for both quality and quantity in Text The Romance Back 2.0 and it’s not surprising he has almost zero refunds from this – what you get offers very good value for money and there’s clearly been a lot of work put into the update to keep it ahead of all the copycat competition.

Sold through a secure Clickbank digital e-commerce platform which offers an independent 60-days money back guarantee – it’s interesting to see Text The Romance Back ranks as Clickbank’s number two course in the dating niche.

Considering number one is ANOTHER texting course from the same author, the more specifically targeted Text Your Ex Back, this is probably proof enough that Michael Fiore knows what he’s talking about…

Text The Romance Back 2.0 is a welcome update to what was a good course, spoiled by some overly-cheesy messages. Now that these off-putting lines are gone, the course really can’t be bettered for what it’s trying to achieve and despite being heavy on content, is an enjoyable and enlightening read.

too-much-materialAre all the sections really required reading?

I’ve mentioned several times that there IS a lot of content in the course – do we really have enough time in a day to read this much stuff?

I think with a modern hectic lifestyle, I’d opt to use a combination of the perfectly edited Crib Sheet and the audio MP3 file. Between these two elements I think you’d get a good enough grasp of what Michael Fiore is teaching to make a huge difference in your texting abilities.

Perhaps the confidence-boosting game will come in handy if you’re not feeling authentic when writing your own texts, or if insecurity is creeping into the language. Then if you’re still having trouble reigniting a spark, I’d sit down and actually read through the book.

I can’t see there being a case where it wouldn’t make at least some difference in your relationship, but if your romance truly is dead to a point where even Michael Fiore can’t fix it – just make sure you’ve tried everything within the 60 day guarantee period and get a full and instant no-questions-asked refund. I doubt you’d need to call on this facility, but it’s good to know it’s there!

Text The Romance Back Details:

What you get:
Text The Romance Back Main Manual (PDF)
Text The Romance Back Audio (MP3)
I Like Myself Game Worksheet (PDF)
Text The Romance Back 2.0 Crib Sheet (PDF)
Text The Romance Back 2.0 FAQ (PDF guide)
Facebook Romance Secrets (PDF)
What it costs: $47
Guarantee: 60 days no-strings
Overall Rating: 9

Alternatives? Text that Girl


Try Text The Romance Back – Risk Free

Order Text The Romance Back directly through Micheal Fiore’s official site to take advantage of fully secure checkout
**60 Days Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked**


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  1. just bought the Text the Romance Back 2.0 yesterday. What an amazing lil bible you have created! I immediately tried it out on my boyfriend of over a year. We live an hour apart, so we really only get to see each other over the weekends. We depend heavily on daily communication either by phone or text. I have texted him during the day, asking how his day was going, just to let him know I was thinking of him and seldom got a response. Well yesterday the text that I sent was: “Good Morning handsome, I don’t say this enough, but I really appreciate how you make dinner for me every night we are together. You do an amazing job of taking care of me and I hope you know how much I love you!” Now, I did not expect a return text, but to my surprise, he did. His response was ” Good Morning baby, thank you for being so good to me. I love you and miss you”….I almost dropped my phone!!!! It worked that fast!!!! Then this morning, I tried it again. “Good Morning handsome. You are the most caring, wonderful, amazing, handsome, passionate man I know. I cant believe how lucky I am to have you in my life! Within minutes he sent back ” good morning baby, I think I am the lucky one, cant wait to hold you and kiss you…love you sexy” In 24 hours, I think I have gotten the best texts since we were in month two of our dating and still in the honeymoon phase!!!! You are a GOD!!!!! I am soooo super excited to have found this gem of a book! It is amazing how a simple little text can put a huge grin on my face and make me feel like a giddy little school girl again! We have a lot of passion when we are together, it is the time apart that I feel lacks, and this book I feel will help keep it strong when we are apart!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for taking the time to produce this book!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  2. I love Text the Romance Back. I am recently divorced and having been texting with someone who happens to be going through a divorce right now. He lives 45 min from me. We have been texting since July and it’s great. He was the first boy that I ever “really kissed” . It’s really cool to be back in touch with him. Through texting I can be a bit more assertive and fun. I’m a pretty shy person and texing allows me to say things I couldnt normally say in person. I have seen him only twice in all the months but we have our 3rd date already planned. Now because of the texting I even feel more confident when I’m with him. I love keeping him interested with the awesome texts that I have learned from you. Thanks so much!!

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